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This is a picture of the village of Sauternes in sunrise

Our Goal

Our goal is to promote a broad and balanced range of Sauternes in Sweden, and convey information and knowledge about this district in Bordeaux.

Sauternes is a small wine districts south of the city Bordeaux in France. The geographical location near the river Garonne, offer a great potential to produce precious concentrated wines. The uniqueness of these wines is to leave the grapes long enough for it to be attack by Botrytis cinerea

The attack makes the skin of the grapes perforated, fragrance, flavor and sweetness are concentrated, and Botrytis Cinerean also add new scents and flavors. The production of this wine is very time consuming, and requires extensive knowledge and experience of the staff who produce this wonderful wine


We admire the craftsmanship needed to produce wines of Sauternes, and our aim is to spread knowledge and awareness of this wine. It is also our goal to offer wines from this district, which reflects all the variations in concentration, aroma, and sweetness.


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